Media, it has been said, is not difficult, but it is complicated.  There is, in short a lot of it, and it's growing by the day.  'New media' is not so new any more. Conventional media like television are fragmenting to the point where they can be too fiddly to reach mass audiences but still too expensive to reach niches. And is the newspaper dead?

Well actually, it's not that difficult.  Successful media planning depends on putting yourself in the mind of the target audience.  Not just who they are, but how they consume media. People are still watching television, but not in the same way as they did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. The way different people interact with the internet varies hugely - is it an information tool or an entertainment? Does befriending a brand on a social media site make someone more likely to buy?

And what is media anyway? Can we reach the people we need to talk to by less conventional means?

Suffice to say that every media planning project demands a bespoke approach.  But they all start with listening.
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