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Here's a million pounds ad budget, but we don't expect any results. That would be a first, wouldn't it?

Advertising is not about creating pretty pictures, or winning awards. It is the hard-nosed end of capitalism.  The million pound investment has to be turned into a million-and-some.

How those outcomes are measured varies. Some are about awareness (but to what end?), most are about sales. But measure we should. It's a meticulous, often laborious business, slaving over a hot spreadsheet, but successful evaluation of what works, and what doesn't, is key to effective media planning and buying.

The Internet has changed everything of course, both as an advertising medium and as a means of response. Online is supposedly 100% measurable and accountable, but where did the journey to purchase start?

Keeping a close eye on the numbers has led to our involvement in some of the UK's most successful charity fundraising campaigns as well as informing judgements for all our clients.