Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were advertising agencies. Marketing people had a problem, the advertising agency solved it. Nice.

Then media independents came along. They were very nice too, because they said they could buy media cheaper. That was 85% of the budget, so that seemed like a good idea.

Media independents split into media planners and media buyers. That was fine, because one lot were quite bright and the other lot were frankly a bit unpleasant, like rottweilers with calculators, and nobody really wanted to talk to them much.

Media planners divided into strategists and implementers. One lot couldn't see the wood for the trees, the others couldn't see the trees.

And then there was digital, which spawned a new raft of specialists speaking a whole new language.

Marketing people still have problems and the same number of hours in their day. Who should they to talk to now?

Talk to us. Welcome to Oranje, a media specialist with a broad understanding of where media fits into the bigger marketing picture and the network to make it all happen effectively, efficiently and with good humour.
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